Furniture metal hardware feet

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For furniture cabinet legs, metal feet, sofa legs, bathroom cabinet legs and metal supports, choose Zhuokai It is the most satisfactory and suitable one for you!


For home furniture, consumers are most concerned about the service life of this furniture. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the furniture, a high-quality and easy-to-install hardware cabinet foot is needed, so that the furniture will not get damp and cleaning will be easier.

High-quality, stable and durable

When you get a product, you should first check its texture. If its texture feels very hard and the overall thickness is very good, its load-bearing capacity is also very good. After installing it on the cabinet and using it for a period of time, it feels is wonderful.


If the cabinet is a floor cabinet, it is easy to be soaked by water. If you choose a hardware cabinet foot, after installing it, you will feel that the cabinet has no tilt at all, and it is very stable. It is almost the same as before, but the height has increased! After using it for so long, it is not only waterproof but also does not rust in a humid environment.


Multiple sizes available, suitable for a variety of furniture

Zhuokai furniture hardware accessories are very suitable for cabinets and sofas. Our best-selling product is a cabinet foot with an inclined design, which makes the overall sofa feel more fashionable and trendy. The design is very user-friendly. It not only has a right-angle design, but also a tilted-angle design. The height can also be chosen by everyone. It is also suitable for any kind of furniture. It is really good value for money and has a high-cost performance.


Do you have floor-standing furniture and want to install some furniture cabinet feet for them? In this way, when we use it, it will not only extend the service life of the furniture, but also reduce our troubles in cleaning. Therefore, it is really useful to choose a suitable cabinet foot.


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Drawing from our extensive expertise in production, we also extend our services to include valuable insights and recommendations for your product development endeavors. Echoing the sentiment of our company's motto, "Legs support your idea," we stand ready to collaborate with designers, furniture brands, and distributors alike. We look forward to engaging in a dialogue about your innovative ideas and partnering with you to transform them into reality.