How to select top-notch metal furniture accessories

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With the continuous updating of new materials, new processes and new equipment for the production of furniture accessories and the increasing requirements of consumers for the shape, quality and function of furniture. At the same time, the demand for furniture has also increased significantly. Simple and fashionable metal processing products are more favored by consumers. Metal furniture is very individual and has rich color choices. The materials, processes and structural characteristics of metal furniture accessories are different.


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1. Advantages of furniture accessories

Green and environmentally friendly, avoiding formaldehyde

The raw materials for the production of metal furniture accessories are cold-rolled steel plates, which come from the smelting and rolling of mineral resources. With the rise of the "environmental protection trend" in the steel industry and the promotion of the "zero energy consumption" production process, metal materials will not waste resources from selection to production process and after use.


The production products will not have an unfriendly impact on the ecological environment and are 100% guaranteed to be reusable and sustainable resource products. The metal furniture accessories produced by stainless steel adopt a ten-station cleaning and phosphating process, which can effectively ensure the firmness of the coating and the surface of the workpiece. Its coating materials generally use environmentally friendly and energy-saving powder coatings with a high utilization rate. The scattered powder during the working process can be recycled, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.


Fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-magnetic, and mildew-proof

Fireproofing is mainly reflected in the ability of metal furniture accessories to withstand the test of fire, minimizing losses.


The moisture-proof feature is most suitable for areas with heavy rainfall. In areas with heavy rainfall, as long as the temperature is between 12°C and 14°C and the relative humidity is above 60%, it is a paradise for mold growth and a hotbed for rust. Precious paper documents, photos, instruments, valuable medicines, and various magnetic disks and films may be affected by moisture. The moisture-proof property of reliable metal furniture accessories can solve people's troubles.


Zhuokai reminds you that the anti-magnetic property is particularly important in the computer age. Disks containing commercial secrets, statistics, and private information, audio and video tape archives with historical significance, precious images or classic CDs, etc. are most afraid of being disturbed by sudden strong magnetic fields. The anti-magnetic properties of metal furniture can solve such problems well.


Diverse functions and space-saving

Due to the good strength of cold-rolled steel plates, metal furniture accessories can meet many functional requirements after bending processing, which can be done in different products. In addition, many varieties of metal furniture accessories can also be customized with folding functions, which are not only convenient to use, but also save space.


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2. Disadvantages of metal furniture accessories

Hard and cold texture

The raw materials of metal furniture accessories are iron and a type of cold-rolled thin steel plate. The physical properties determine the hard and cold characteristics of steel furniture, which is contrary to the warm texture that people like. Therefore, metal furniture accessories are often rejected by many people because of their texture.


Loud noise and single-color tone

Due to the natural factors of the raw materials, metal furniture will produce a harsh sound when used. In terms of color, metal furniture accessories originally only have a single color tone.


3. How to choose high-quality metal furniture accessories

Wall thickness: The inner wall thickness of high-quality metal furniture accessories is about 1.2-2.5mm, and the inner wall thickness of cheaper products may be between 0.5-1.0mm.


Look, the weight of furniture accessories with high-quality craftsmanship may be twice that of low-cost products. This is the difference, a big price difference, a big quality difference, and a big quality difference.


Welding joints: All welding joints of high-quality metal furniture structures are polished and then processed by electrostatic spraying. Common cheap products can't increase production costs to polish your products.


Spraying: High-quality products that meet the standards must go through many processes such as degreasing, pickling and rust removal, phosphating, rinsing, dust removal, powder spraying, drying, cooling, and packaging to produce a set of high-quality table frames. For cheap products, the processing steps will be much simpler: sandblasting, powder spraying, and drying will solve the problem. Such products will rust from the inside to the outside of the product over time because they have not been processed through multiple processes. Sometimes consumers feel that there is a sound inside the sofa leg because the product is rusting inside. Some manufacturers are simpler and just paint it with black paint and let it dry.


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Metal furniture pipes, plates or sticks are used as the main structure, and furniture made of wood, various artificial boards, plastics, stones, etc. and furniture made entirely of metal materials are collectively referred to as metal furniture. Various shapes can be created through stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, welding and other processing techniques. Metal furniture connections are usually assembled and shaped by welding, screws, pins and other connection methods.


Metal furniture has various structural forms, usually disassembly, folding, stacking, plug-in, etc. The material, process and structural characteristics of metal furniture are discussed in the design of the modeling characteristics. The above is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture. I hope it can help everyone.