Cold and elegant metal furniture

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Metal furniture accessories are a small part of the furniture types that are commonly found in our lives, but metal furniture is often ignored by us because of the coldness of the material. The public has given a lot of love to wooden furniture and classical furniture, but metal furniture is born to adapt to modern society and has unique functions and characteristics.


Metal furniture accessories


What is metal furniture

People often say "steel and wood furniture" should be understood from a professional concept as metal furniture, and steel and wood furniture is only a type of metal furniture. Metal furniture can create the different atmospheres required by different rooms in the home and can also make the home style more diversified and modern.


Characteristics of metal furniture

The characteristics of metal furniture are very individual, mainly including the following five characteristics: rich color selection, diverse categories, folding function, aesthetic value, good quality, and low price.


Rich color selection

The surface coating of metal furniture and accessories is diverse, which can be polyurethane powder spraying of various beautiful colors or chrome plating that can be discerned; it can be crystal clear, luxurious and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, or it can be a perfect combination of titanium plating and powder spraying.


At present, the K gold plating and black gold plating processes that are becoming popular internationally have pushed the grade and taste of metal furniture to an extremely high level. Metal furniture combines the use of function and aesthetic function in one, and some high-quality creative designs have collection value.


Metal furniture accessories


Diverse varieties

The variety of metal furniture is very rich, and the furniture suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms is available. These metal furniture can well create different atmospheres required by different rooms in the family, and can also make the home style more diversified and more modern.


With folding function

Many varieties of metal furniture have folding functions, which are not only convenient to use, but also save space, making the living environment of families with limited area relatively loose and comfortable.


Aesthetic value

Modern furniture designers integrate classical and modern styles, which are elegant and simple without losing the modern atmosphere. They have artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, adding a unique landscape to the current furniture market.


Good and cheap products

The price of metal furniture is much cheaper than high-quality solid wood furniture. This is good value for money for people with high income but are obsessed with decorating their homes lightly, smartly and creatively, and for families with low income but pay attention to affordability and beauty.


Metal furniture structure

The main components of modern metal are mostly made of various high-quality thin-walled carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, steel metal pipes, wood, various artificial boards, glass, stone, plastic, leather, etc.


The metal materials used in metal furniture can be made into various shapes through stamping, forging, casting, molding, bending, welding and other processing technologies. The surface treatment and decoration are carried out by electroplating, spraying, plastic coating and other main processing technologies.


Metal furniture connections are usually assembled and shaped by welding, screws, pins and other connection methods.


Metal furniture has various structural forms, usually disassembly, folding, overlapping, plug-in, etc.

Metal furniture accessories


01. Welding

The processing technology and connection method of combining two workpieces by heating, pressurizing or both, using filler materials


02. Riveting

Use rivets to connect two or more workpieces


03. Threaded connection

Use nuts and other parts to fix the structure, a detachable fixed connection


Metal furniture has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century. In the past, there were only beds, sofas, and storage racks. Now there are many kinds of metal furniture, and its materials are only based on black metals. Now it has developed into various metal materials and lightweight high-strength alloy materials.


Metal furniture has bright colors and tough lines. Its appearance has added a new form of furniture that is more novel and more decorative.