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According to the current furniture market demand, both home decoration designers and mass consumers are focusing on the color matching of furniture, whether it is furniture or furniture accessories. The color of the home will be too monotonous, and the material will be too single, which is not enough to meet the needs of the public.


From the development history of furniture, the diversity of styles could be achieved in the middle of the 20th century, so why was it not launched earlier? Because it takes time for manufacturers to learn and for the public to change their needs.


If your home has just been renovated, and you are thinking about buying furniture for decoration, Or if furniture practitioners want to change a style to test the market, they may have discovered this a long time ago. As producers, it took us several years to figure this out. Fortunately, it is not too late. We can provide the public with some rich choices. Such a home can be called a home that is diverse enough in materials and modern enough in design.


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Metal furniture accessories

The use of metal as furniture accessories began with steel pipe furniture in the 1920s. It is just that chrome-plated steel pipes are generally used, and in France after the 1940s, iron began to be used as furniture parts. The representative designer of this kind of furniture is the famous Jean Prove.


Europe or the United States has never stopped exploring furniture materials since then. In the 1960s, Italian designers began to use acrylic to make furniture accessories, leaving behind many excellent designs to this day. After that, sofas began to be made with fully shaped cotton sponge frames and aluminum profiles, zinc alloys, and stainless steel metal parts in the sofa field.


This is a new material other than traditional wood materials. The most important feature is that it is stronger than wood. And with the same support and durability, it can reduce weight. Those who know the sofa legs produced by our factory know that metal frame sofas are stronger and more space-saving than wooden frame sofas.


I believe that many people are familiar with the use of metal parts, especially iron, to make sofa accessories. From wooden sofas in every household, slowly metal frames and fully shaped cotton sponge frames are used to make sofas all over the world. Because this combination of materials is the strongest and most durable. Moreover, because the shape of bent wood is variable and easy to shape according to the curve of the human body, the sofa can be made very comfortable. When sitting on it, the experience is not only not worse than that of a wooden sofa but even better.


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Colored furniture

Although wood can be sprayed with colored paint, the combination of wood and color is not as good as metal + color. Texture and long-term adhesion are all better with colored metal.


When used in the home, it is similar to the function of colored wall paint or hanging paintings. Colored metal furniture can play the role of embellishing the space. But compared with walls and hanging paintings, colored furniture is more mobile, and the color area is not so large, similar to the role of colored chandeliers in space.


The Italian-style home with the highest level of the modern home has a large number of color elements. Walls, fabrics, lamps, some acrylic furniture, and colored metal furniture are all their good decorative elements.


The cheap feeling of metal furniture accessories is usually due to two factors: processing accuracy and the color and texture of the paint.


Let’s talk about processing accuracy first. Low processing accuracy does not affect the use. If the general consumer sees it, he will not think it is a good thing. Even if it is an old object, you will not think it is an antique, because there is nothing that can impress you. Only experts in the industry or those who need to purchase wholesale will pay attention to processing accuracy.


Good processing accuracy comes from reasonable design and the processing level of the factory. This has added value and thresholds, and it is not easy to achieve by any small metal processing factory. Processing accuracy is mainly reflected in the level of raw materials, molds, welding, and surface treatment.


Specifically, cheap sofa accessories have no other advantages except being sturdy and usable. Good metal furniture requires high processing accuracy, and careful quality inspection is required in subsequent processes.


Our main customers of Zhuokai are from Europe, and the process requirements are very high. Of course, the price is medium to high. But when our customers see the proofing products, they are amazed. Metal furniture is an industrialized product, and the production effect of sofa legs is exquisite everywhere. The edges and corners that should be polished, the angles that should be processed, and the colors that should be achieved are all beyond reproach.


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The color and texture of the paint

The paint mentioned here is not real paint, but electrostatic powder spraying. This is a very environmentally friendly process at present, and it is also the most commonly used method by metal furniture brands in Denmark, the United States, and Italy.


The effects of electrostatic powder spraying are glossy and frosted. The glossy one will have a plastic texture. After comparison, customers can choose frosted, which has a more metallic texture.


Our metal hardware accessories factory is a long-term cooperative manufacturer with an independent electrostatic powder spraying production line. The quality is absolutely in line with our production requirements, and the customer satisfaction of our delivered products is as high as 98%.


Zhuokai, renowned for its leadership in the design and manufacturing of sofa legs, operates state-of-the-art, fully automated production facilities and employs a dedicated team of innovative product developers. We specialize in delivering the latest in trendsetting sofa leg products and are committed to bringing your unique visions to life by custom-developing and crafting the perfect sofa leg to match your concepts and designs.