Selection and Matching of Coffee Tables

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The coffee table may appear simple, but it is used more frequently in the home than the dining table. The first things people see when they enter the living room are the sofa and the coffee table, which are used for watching TV, meeting guests, and relaxing. Today, I will explain the key points of coffee table selection and recommend matching options.


In small apartments, the size of the coffee table is determined by the available space. For a comfortable living room experience, it is recommended that the distance between the coffee table and the sofa be about 40 cm, and the distance between the coffee table and the TV cabinet be about 1 meter.


The Size of the Coffee Table Depends on the Sofa

Experts have concluded that the length of the coffee table should be five-sevenths to three-quarters of the sofa, and the height should be slightly higher than the sofa. This size is the most suitable and aligns with the golden ratio.


The Size of the Coffee Table for a Single Sofa

A single sofa is about 90 cm long. For a single sofa, a small and lightweight side table (40cm-60cm in length and width) is generally selected. The coffee table next to the sofa should have a small but higher tabletop, making it easy and comfortable to reach items while sitting.


Coffee Table Size for Three-Person Sofas

A130*70*45rectangular coffee table in front of a240*90*75long sofa is comfortable and allows one person to pass through easily.


Coffee Table Size for Multi-Person Sofas

For large sofas, a short coffee table is ideal. Its height should match the sofa cushion height. A four-person sofa is about 340cm long, so choose a larger coffee table, around 160cm. If it has a chaise seat, reduce the coffee table size accordingly.


General Principle:

The coffee table should be as small as possible, ideally one seat size smaller than the sofa. This applies to large, small, square, round, independent, or combined coffee tables.


Key Points and Criteria for Choosing a Coffee Table

Principle of Similar Arcs: The legs of the coffee table should match the legs of the sofa or armchair. For example, if the coffee table has no legs, the sofa should also have no legs. If the sofa has stainless steel square legs, the coffee table should have stainless steel square legs; if the sofa has small legs, the coffee table should also have small legs.


The Best Height of the Coffee Table: It should be slightly lower than the sofa armrest or cushion.


The Color of the Coffee Table Surface: It should match the floor or wall color.


The Principle of Similar Materials: The coffee table material should match the sofa frame or other furnishings like TV cabinets, rocking chairs, and footstools. Following this principle creates a harmonious and unified look, making the living room comfortable.


Black Walnut Coffee Table

If price is not an issue, choose a coffee table made of FAS-grade black walnut. It has a beautiful pattern, delicate texture, and a warm brown color like chocolate sauce, with a silky shine. The classic thin legs are elegant and natural, matching light brown carpets and beige sofas. The whole space is very relaxing, suitable for busy city dwellers. It invisibly relieves fatigue and pressure, providing relaxation and warmth.


Round Tray Coffee Table

The small round tray coffee table has been very popular in recent years, with more and more homes choosing this type. The rounded curve softens the regularity and toughness of straight lines. The visual effect is softer and more lively. If one is not enough, two—one high and one short—are quite interesting. The base of this round coffee table is made of solid black walnut wood, and the top is marble. The natural texture gives the coffee table a high-end look.


Coffee Table with Drawers

The coffee table shown is a black walnut solid wood coffee table with drawers. It adds storage space and enhances practicality. The texture of ash wood is rough and strong, giving it a commanding presence. Place it in the center of the living room, and it will be the first thing everyone notices. Its color is very inviting. When paired with other ash wood furniture, it exudes simple and natural beauty.