Good-looking and practical metal sofa legs

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Home is a place where you can enjoy everything. Too many details of life are closely related to the furniture at home, so we will require more exquisiteness and comfort from the choice of sofas to the choice of ornaments~


Many people only look at the overall aesthetics when buying furniture, thinking that it is OK as long as it is generally acceptable. However, in addition to the material, color and appearance of the furniture, some details are indispensable.

The color and appearance of the sofa and the sofa legs is also particularly important. The light-luxury style sofa legs of the Zhuokai AN series are made of metal materials that always have a cold and hard feeling. However, this series of sofa legs does not have any exaggerated design, but uses smooth lines and rounded shapes to weaken the cold and hard feeling brought by metal, making the living space full of warm and minimalist design.


The AN series of slender sofa legs are made with high-end craftsmanship, without any burrs, and are particularly smooth. They feel heavy in your hand, with beautiful colors, simple and luxurious, bright colors, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, long life, uniform force, and superior load-bearing capacity, which can effectively prevent the sofa from tilting and being unstable! ! Although the sofa support legs are small, they are beautiful and practical.

Zhuokai, renowned for its leadership in the design and manufacturing of sofa legs, operates state-of-the-art, fully automated production facilities and employs a dedicated team of innovative product developers. We specialize in delivering the latest in trendsetting sofa leg products and are committed to bringing your unique visions to life by custom-developing and crafting the perfect sofa leg to match your concepts and designs.


Drawing from our extensive expertise in production, we also extend our services to include valuable insights and recommendations for your product development endeavors. Echoing the sentiment of our company's motto, "Legs support your idea," we stand ready to collaborate with designers, furniture brands, and distributors alike. We look forward to engaging in a dialogue about your innovative ideas and partnering with you to transform them into reality.